Social Media Management

A presence on social media is mandatory for brands, companies, and personalities.

Having visibility, interacting with the public, or increasing the number of followers can become challenging.
It is not enough to work regularly on content, to reach sales and high levels of popularity.

It is necessary to develop a strategy tailored to each page and social network, to increase organic traffic and make content more relevant.

Combined with design, content marketing, SEO, sponsored content, and customized planning of your social media management, brandit will help you increase your notoriety across the social media ecosystem.

We develop promotional campaigns on different digital and social media platforms:

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Tik Tok Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Google Ads

Youtube Ad Campaigns
And more

Online Ads Campaigns

Reaching as many people as possible, making yourself known to new audiences, and making your company/brand or product known are significant challenges today.

One of the most efficient ways to achieve these goals is through ad campaigns for digital social platforms. Getting your company/brand or product advertised or mentioned on widely used platforms can be crucial. Millions of people use digital media platforms daily, from search engines, social media, or digital streaming platforms.

With brandit, you can run ad campaigns for different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Spotify, Deezer, among others) on image, video, or audio. This way, you can make your company/brand or product known to a targeted global audience.

Ad campaigns are available for:

Bands and artists
  • All
  • Design
  • Mobile apps
  • Photography and Video
  • Social Media Management
  • Software
  • Website
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