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Video content development for social media for Polaris Sports

Our relationship with Polaris Sports has been constant over the years. Our portfolio of projects developed for Polaris Sports includes the development of websites for the most diverse personalities in the sports world. We created the website of the tennis player João Sousa and the soccer players as André Silva or Diego Costa. For Polaris Sports, we have also created videos and image content in the most different formats for the athletes it represents. Polaris Sports is a company created by Gestifute to manage the image rights of professional athletes. World stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Costa, André Silva, Radamel Falcão, James Rodriguez, Pepe, José Mourinho, and many others have their image rights managed by Polaris Sports. brandit has been a proud digital services partner for Polaris Sports since 2011.  

Videos developed for Polaris Sports social media

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