We have consulting services in the process of implementing technology in sports.

Since developing digital platforms for referees, delegates, leagues, or confederations, we have analyzed existing systems’ safety and efficiency checks and given our recommendations. We organize content with specialized and experienced professionals to implement new technological strategies.

We also cooperate in the selection and negotiation process with potential suppliers. These contents can be provided digitally or in-person and can be based on previous studies, complying with a rigorous roadmap in the implementation and monitoring phases.

Case studies in this area:

Canadian Premier League

Liga Portugal


Event Consulting

We plan the most varied in-person or online events for different areas.

Our portfolio includes, among others, the co-organization of Soccerex Europe in 2019 and the co-organization, since 2016, of Guimarães Home Fashion Week.

At brandit, we can manage the entire structure of the events, from the selection and planning of the space to the control of entrances. We also develop all the necessary graphic and audiovisual materials.

Soccerex Europe

Soccerex is the most significant global soccer event.
Every year, in its different events, the best professionals in soccer meet to discuss the most varied topics on various continents.

Holding an event of the magnitude of Soccerex Europe in Portugal was a challenge that we embraced with enthusiasm and total dedication. In this way, in 2019, at Tagus Park, in Oeiras, the edition of Soccerex Europe took place.

Thanks to this event, it was possible to bring the leading players of the soccer world industry to our country and make Portugal, more specifically the city of Oeiras, news worldwide.

Guimarães Home Fashion Week / ShowroomLive

Guimarães Home Fashion Week arises from the desire of the Associação Home From Portugal and its members to boost, on Portuguese soil, the sector of production and export of home textiles.

Thus, Guimarães Home Fashion Week takes place annually in the city of Guimarães, an event that welcomes companies producing home textiles and puts them in direct contact with representatives of importing companies.

In co-organization with Associação Home From Portugal, we develop and create all the graphic and audiovisual material for the event. It is also worth mentioning the creation and development of the online editions of the event, due to the pandemic situation, under the name of ShowroomLive.

We developed the entire digital part of the event and the management and scheduling of sessions via digital.

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