Online Promotion for Artists

We recognize the importance of online promotion actions that must accompany a work launch.

We have developed a service focused on artists who want to stand out in the current music scene.

We plan, create, and set the best strategies for releasing your work with our Online Promotion for Artists service.

We carefully monitor and evaluate all our actions so that your work can reach as many people as possible.

Digital Distribution
Upload your tracks on streaming and sales platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and 100+ DSPs); profile verification; added concert schedule.

Presence in the digital world
Presence in the digital world; presentation of recommendations to get new audiences.

Social Media
Analysis of social media; optimization of presence in social media through publications and biography creation.

Ads on Social Media
Creation of advertising campaigns on social media; we set up ads for social media; ads for digital platforms; target definitions to promote the artist to the right audience.

Digital Marketing Plan
Creative help in the campaign to release tracks, albums or singles, etc.; we do your press release; plan all the activities and dates for their execution.

Campaign Implementation
We offer a complete service that you can combine with other services provided by brandit. Made according to the needs and requirements of each artist.

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