Development of LOSC TEAM APP, a mobile app for Lille

In partnership with Skoiy belonging to YouOn Group, we developed the LOSC Team App, a mobile app created for the soccer club Lille Olympique Sporting Club. The LOSC Team App is an OTT application that allows the monitoring and provision of individualized tactical sessions for each player. The application was created and designed for LOSC but can be applied to any football team or any sport.

Developed during March 2020, during the covid-19 pandemic and based on the Skoiy media platform, the LOSC Team App allowed the LOSC team to continue to provide individualized tactical sessions for its players.

The application provides each player with a login and access to a personalized playlist, with specific videos for each player, facilitating direct communication with the technical team. It is also possible to manage the number of times the videos are viewed in the application. LOSC Team App is a secure application that guarantees the confidentiality of information, as the videos cannot be copied or transferred, and the screenshot is also blocked.
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