Product photography, website design, and development for luxury brand Lena Loren

brandit was responsible for product photography, design, and website development for luxury bags brand Lena Loren. Conceiving, designing, and developing all the parameters of a brand’s image and communication is always a challenge to which we always manage to give the best answer. Our team of creatives idealizes all the design and communication of the brand that our team of programmers and web developers puts into practice. Lena Loren is a luxury bag brand. Inspired by the principality of Monaco, the brand developed the Lena Loren “Secure Voyage” that combines artistic couture designs with integrated technology and precious exotic alligator skins with Italian craftsmanship. The Lena Loren “Secure Voyage” brings unique technology to Lena Loren’s exotic skin, which sets her apart. A bag marked by class, elegance, and security.

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