Desenvolvimento de website, design, programação e campanhas de anúncios online - PortugalFoods - brandit

Website development and provision of design, programming, and marketing campaigns for PortugalFoods

For PortugalFoods, we provide many services that include designing and developing all promotional and informative documentation, both in traditional and digital media (Web/Video/Mobile).

We designed and programmed the institution’s website and produced the institutional video and Facebook app. We also create all the catalogs and brochures for the various promotional actions and intervene in all the tools used for communication.

Working on a project like PortugalFoods requires a daily commitment and considerable flexibility. We deal with more than a hundred brands and institutions members of the association, and these companies work in several languages worldwide as an extra challenge for us.

PortugalFoods is the umbrella brand for the Portuguese agri-food sector promoted by the Agri-Food competitiveness and Technology Branch.

PortugalFoods is recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Portugal as the main speaker and facilitator of the Portuguese Agrifood Sector.

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