Website development for MyPharma S.A.

We developed the new website of the pharmaceutical company MyPharma S.A.. The latest version of the MyPharma website is user-friendly and responsive on all screens, browsers, and in different navigation possibilities, as well as on mobile devices.

MyPharma is a Portuguese pharmaceutical company based in Braga, which operates in the field of promotion, dissemination, wholesale trade, import and export of pharmaceutical products, medicines for human use, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food supplements, dietetics, and veterinarians.

What is a responsive website?

The main feature of a responsive website is its adaptation to the dimensions and formats of different screens, whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. In a responsive website, all the elements that compose it are adjusted to the screen’s dimensions to favor the user’s reading experience.

With the total democratization of Internet access on the most varied devices, of the most diverse dimensions, companies/brands must have their websites designed and programmed to be as user-friendly as possible. Thus, they can increase the website’s performance, reducing its abandonment rate due to a lack of adaptation to different screens.

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