Digital Music Distribution FAQs!

When you produce work and choose Digital Music Distribution, we know that you want your work to reach the broadest possible audience.

Digital Music Distribution is the easiest and safest way to make your music reach new audiences, which would be extremely difficult through traditional digital channels.

We know that the Digital Distribution process can be confusing, and, for that reason, we have gathered some of the frequently asked questions so that you can more easily understand this process.

What do I need to do for brandit to distribute my music?

For the Digital Distribution of your work, be it a single, EP or album, in addition to all the files containing the tracks, we need a cover image. Optionally, the lyrics of the songs can be sent.

What are the costs associated with Digital Distribution?

The Digital Distribution service has no costs associated with the set-up. Subsequently, we will charge no monthly or annual fee and retain only 10% of the amount sent to us by the platforms for support and maintenance of the service.

What royalties will brandit pay to the artist?

brandit will pay the artist 90% of the royalties it determines with the platforms.

Does brandit make sure that its partners make the content available on the defined released date?

Everything will depend on the set released date. We always recommend submitting content to us at least 2 weeks before the release date to avoid any delay in the upload, verification, or approval process interfering with the release date.

What guarantees does brandit assume with the artists in the Digital Distribution service?

First, the artist must guarantee, through the conclusion of the contract, that they wholly own the rights to the work to be distributed.

Subsequently, brandit will assume the distribution of the content on the indicated platforms and the monthly submission of activity reports.

Given that the contract concluded has a period of 1 month and is automatically renewed for an equal time, brandit guarantees that the content will be available online until the customer contraindicates it or until a matter of force majeure forces it to be withdrawn.

Who generates the upload of the content on YouTube?

The client/artist will be responsible for creating and uploading videos to their own YouTube channel.

The Digital Distribution service only considers the creation of the artist topic and the monetization of the content on the platform. Subsequently, may request the conversion to Official Artist Channel and its link to the topic.

Converting the channel to Official Artist Channel is time-consuming and requires minimum requirements for the channel to be approved.

Is it possible through brandit's services to review and include metadata and credits in already published content?

No monetization service (YouTube Content ID) will only track the published videos and use the songs distributed by brandit.

This service does not add any information to the descriptions of videos already published.

How does the YouTube Content ID service work?

If YouTube Content ID detects that a video misuses its content, it will not be blocked and will continue to be available for viewing. However, any royalty acquired from the infringing video will be forwarded to brandit, which will pass it on to the artist/band.

Is there any cost for creating/assigning EAN/UPCs and ISRC codes on songs distributed by brandit?

There are no additional costs for creating and assigning codes to the themes to be distributed.

How are pages/artist information customized within the platforms?

Currently, we can customize (not to be confused with verification) the Spotify artist page (✔︎) at no additional cost. If you want to verify the page, fill in the form at

This verification and verification of any page on Apple Music, Shazam, Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon platforms are entirely free and can be requested by the artist himself.

brandit may be responsible for verifying profiles on Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, Deezer, Amazon, and Tidal, considering added value for the service.

How is the control carried out regarding the licensing and use of content by third parties? If authorization by a third party does not require special approval from the artist/band, it can always be used for purposes that an entity or brand does not want to be associated with, such as party affiliation or a specific brand (etc.). How is this control done?

The Digital Distribution service considers managing and monetizing content on the digital platforms with which we work. In case of violation of rights by other entities, media, or brands that are not brandit‘s partners, we can only intervene as a courtesy, as the copyright of all themes continues to belong to the artist/band.

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