How to suggest your songs to Spotify playlists

Music digital distribution is the most efficient way to see your work reach as many people as possible. In the digital distribution process, the artist also has tools that can help increase his fanbase. Did you know you can suggest your songs to Spotify playlists? In this article, we explain how.
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Spotify is the digital music streaming platform with the most significant number of users. Therefore, it deserves particular attention for those who want to stand out in the current music scene.

When choosing for digital distribution of music with brandit, access to the Spotify For Artists is provided. Spotify For Artists is an entirely artist-oriented platform that gives access to various tools for promoting music.

One of the most exciting tools available in Spotify For Artists is the possibility given to artists to suggest their songs for Spotify playlists (the so-called pitch). Thus, it makes your work heard by Spotify editors/curators.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Spotify For Artists provides a form to fill out, where you can choose the song to submit to the playlists. You should consider that the process must be carried out at least 7 days before its official launch.
  • You can only choose one song per release! Every time you make an official release, Spotify only allows you to select a song to be included in the playlists. If you release an album or EP, you must choose the track that best represents your work.
  • Next, you’ll have to select the music genre and three sub-genres your music fits into. This is an important step. Your choices will define the playlists in which your music will be placed.
  • In the following steps, you will have to define the language of your song’s lyrics, your sound’s mood, and which instruments are used in the composition. This helps Spotify define the best playlists to include your music.
  • In the last step of the form, you will have to describe your launch in the best possible way. You have 500 characters to convince Spotify editors/curators to put your music on their playlists.
  • When submitting the request, you have until the day before launch to make changes to the previously submitted information.
After the release, on Spotify For Artists, you will have access to the performance of your songs, and you will also have access to the playlists in which your work is included.

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