TikTok, how to use this powerful digital marketing tool?

TikTok is currently one of the fastest-growing social media globally. In Portugal, the growth of TikTok follows the world trend. This article helps you use TikTok, this powerful digital marketing tool.

Founded in September 2016, TikTok was born in China under Douyin and achieved global success after merging with musica.ly. TikTok’s primary focus is sharing short video content. The platform’s premise, combined with its algorithm that allows a video to reach millions of views in a short time, is the key to a success that shows no signs of slowing down.

According to data from the DataReportal study, in early 2022, TikTok had 2.83 million users over 18 years of age. Excluding the age of users, 32.8% of internet users in Portugal were on TikTok, with 59.3% women and 40.7% men.

TikTok’s relevance is so high that companies, brands, public figures, artists, or bands must adopt TikTok as a powerful digital marketing tool.  

Advertise on TikTok

Tik Tok for Business is a tool that allows you to prepare ads, in different formats, for Tik Tok. By investing in ads on Tik Tok, it is possible to reach different audiences in other parts of the world.

The main ad formats for Tik Tok are:

In-Feed Video: Up to 60 seconds auto-play, full-screen ads displayed in the For You Page feed, with which users can interact. Ads may also contain internal or external links.

Brand Takeover: These are 3 to 5 seconds ads that appear when opening the app in auto-play and fullscreen before becoming In-Feed Video ads.

Top View: Similar to Brand Takeover ads, Top Views are auto-play, full-screen ads lasting up to 60 seconds.

Branded Hashtag Challenge: Hashtag format ads are available in the “Discover” tab and have 3 to 6 days. Users are invited to create content with the chosen hashtag that aggregates all flagged posts during that time.

Branded Effects/AR Content: These ads come in filters, exclusive stickers, and visual effects sponsored by the advertiser that users can use in their videos.

Distribute Music to TikTok

By choosing the digital audio distribution service we offer at brandit, it is possible to place this content on TikTok with the same security and efficiency we always provide.

By making your work available on TikTok and creating choreographies or challenges to the sound of your themes, you increase the probability of going viral and reaching more people in Portugal and worldwide.

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