Digital media


Website Development

We design and implement fully responsive web solutions for all types of screens, browsers, and different navigation possibilities. At brandit, we combine design with knowledge and understanding of our customers needs. We create solutions in various business areas where security, reliability, and usability are vital factors. We have a multidisciplinary team of web designers, multimedia professionals, system engineers, and IT engineers who can provide high-quality and tailored solutions that create an authentic and long-lasting competitive advantage. We work with different CMS and programming languages, our multidisciplinary team of programmers can work on the most convenient solution for your company. We develop innovative solutions for institutional and brand websites, online stores (e-commerce), marketplaces, and web portals.
Custom-built interface and website design
Custom-made web apps and platforms
Responsive website design and programming
E-commerce platforms
Solutions for business websites
Customization of “open source” software

Mobile apps

Design and programming for mobile

We plan, develop and create mobile apps for different native systems (Android, iOS), which give our products the highest quality standards demanded by the market. We are recognized for the quality of our mobile app development and programming. Our team develops all our projects entirely in-house, from design to app development and programming. Our portfolio includes apps for the most varied devices (mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets) and features, from apps for video distribution (OTT), or apps for training, nutrition, budgeting, promotion, sports, medical, financial services, music, fashion, etc.
User interface
Native apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad)
Native apps for Android (smartphone and tablet)
Website integration with your native app
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